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This man is one of the most spectacular person I have seen. Since he belongs to politics, let me clarify few things before we proceed. I am neither favouring nor opposing any political leader or party, I am writing about what I have learned from observing Narendra Modi, Mr. Prime Minister.

Prime Minister or CEO of some corporate

Narendra Modi, a name no one can deny he has not heard. Modi is a name for good governance. He has managed his party and government like some corporate. And his style of managing this is very similar to how CEOs closely manage their companies. Narendra Modi has proved that he is the most efficient person ( CEO ) who can lead his political party as well as his country. Lets have a inside look into his journey, and explore how he could / can do this.

Long Term Vision


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Whether you are in business or in politics, VISION matters for everyone who wants to achieve something big. Someone has said it right “Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision is a nightmare. Vision with action can change the world”

We know him from his journey from Gujarat CM to India PM. And I am very sure, that he had a clear vision from the beginning, and that vision was to remove congress party from power. And on the other side, congress party might had the biggest threat from only one Man. Keeping his vision in mind, he started working in direction to make it happen in real life.

Same way every entrepreneur must have a vision about his products or services. This is necessary as it will be the guiding direction for you throughout the journey. Not all things go as per plan, but there is no point in get going without knowing anything.

Small Bites of Big Piece


Goal or vision is a big piece which consists of many small pieces. And these pieces are called objectives. Modi started his first step by being CM of Gujarat. His prime agenda as to develop the state well compared to other states. And make it a Prototype model. As the image above suggests the next milestones he targeted and achieved.

Great Accomplishments Require Great Team


You can not fight alone, if you have a big army of opponents ahead. You need like minded people who share your vision and values. No big company / government can be built and run without having capable people. After all company or government is a reflection of people on top. Great achievements always require great teams.

Modi has his most capable companion Mr. Amit Shah. A strong man who is known for his excellent execution of election campaigns. Shah had claimed credit of many election victories on his name due to his excellence. This pair is undisputed power pair in Indian politics. They are like co-founders of some corporate giant, who intelligently planned and executed their market dominance.

Marketing is need of every product or service


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What is the meaning of goodness, if people do not know about it. And Modi is master at marketing his skills and achievements. He has persuaded people to see a vision through his own camera lens. He has smartly converted his political achievements, his development works, and visionary government schemes into stories praising him everywhere.

You can find him everywhere with messages either on what has been achieved, what is pan to achieve or what he thinks.

Mann ki baat emails and messages to citizens, Social media presence ( facebook, twitter, whatsapp ), banners, hoardings, blogs, print media, TV news channels etc. He has been an omnipresent icon for developing his personal brand. No previous politician has been so conscious about his personal branding in the past.

Full hearted efforts


Mere dreaming of big success and having lengthy plans are not enough to achieve success. We can not forget the way Modi came into PM position. Other politicians might not think of working so hard. Modi had addressed so many election rallies before becoming PM, and also before getting BJP in power in states like Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh. I really wonder where he gets such stamina at the age more than 60.

So entrepreneurs should go beyond their comfort level to achieve what they want to do with their business.

Differentiation OR Positioning 

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Modi has strongly differentiated himself from other politicians in all the ways , from his dressing, his talking style, his agenda and vision for India. His style of talk without any written script has made him stand out from most of Indian politicians. He is an awesome Public Speaker that drives masses crazy.

Entrepreneurs must focus on their personal branding by enhancing soft skills.

Finally, there is lot more we can say about Narendra Modi, but lets stop here.

Have you noticed something in Narendra Modi that can be useful to entrepreneurs? Please comment your views.

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