Kapil Sharma is all set to tie the knot withgirlfriend Bhavneeth Chatrath, popularly known as Ginni by the end of 2014

Kapil Sharma, a household name in India, and entrepreneurs can learn lot from him. Kapil sharma is no doubt an outstanding comedian, there is hardly anyone who can match his wittiness in comedy. I know he had been in serious controversy after his conflicts with Sunil Grower and other team members. This is also a lesson in a way for any startup founder “Never ever think that you can alone outperform your capable team”

Let us see the Kapil Sharma Story from beginning. How a middle class man from Amritsar reached the zenith of career very few can achieve.



You can estimate a big difference in his current and then look. Kapil Sharma initially performed in  comedy circle and few other shows as a stand up comedian, and he as really a Stand Out comedian among all. His sense of humour is his core skill. But as you read further, you will notice that it was not enough for him.

In a few years, Kapil Sharma drastically changed his state, from being judged to being host of India’s most popular comedy show. And his journey can not be just a luck, there is lot more he put into it, lets see how.


Most comedians can make you Laugh. And comedian like Raju Shrivastav is a real legend at that. If you think about all the comedians ( apart from Kapil Sharma ), what comes to your mind is a single picture, A comedian standing alone or in a pair, to make you laugh by throwing some parody or joke. But Kapil Sharma took comedy to a new height, he is the man who gave comedians as much importance as bollywood celebrity. Now comedians are seen with much more respect that they ever got before few decades.

  1. THINK BIG. THINK BEYOND. Kapil thought really big and beyond. Beyond conventional way the comedy was delivered. He went to make it ENTERTAINMENT.  We all like to know what is the upcoming movies and what are personal life secrets of our favourite celebrity. A platform where bollywood loving folks can get to know about celebrity, upcoming movies and some ongoing fun with comedy caught instant fire.


With just handful of episodes, Kapil Sharma became a household name in India. But this can not be seen as an overnight success.  There are many skills he mastered, and that made him stand out of the crowd.


2. Awesome Team of A players

If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” ~African proverb.

Kapil has an awesome team, all A players. Sunil Grover is impeccable in comedy. Kiku is also spectacular and has his own style. Kapil has perfect wittiness and sense of humour. When such outstanding cooks meet together to cook something, the food will off-course be super delicious. That’s what happened with this comedy show.


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3. Confident Host

It takes more than comedy to face the man like Amitabh Bachchan. If I am not wrong, there would be many celebrities who face inferiority complex / nervousness when put in front of Amitabh Bachchan. But as we see Kapil handles this a perfect way. He must have done lot of home work, hard work and self improvement to stand tall in front of elite celebrities.

Think these celebrities as your customers or investors, and you will realise the need of good communication and inter-personal skills.


4. Targeting a larger audience

Lets think about this. Can you see Big Boss with your kids and parents? If you can, BRAVO. But most of the people who come to see this post would say “NO”

Now lets think about this. Can you see Kapil Sharma comedy Show with your kids and parents? Obviously YES. A family of 3-7 people accounts for a larger audience than couple who want to see some intimate scenes among some weird celebrities.

You may think what it has to do with this, since this is not selling anything to this audience. But be sure Kapil show will be charging advertisers more than any other show. And it is this audience that makes Kapil Sharma an household name in India. He got to be a most popular comedian in a very short span of time, because of this large group of audience.

Do you have anything in mind what I missed, please comment. It will be helpful to all of us.



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