Whatsapp, not to mention what it is. But need to go into some details, why whatsapp is WHATSAPP ( today’s most successful product in the world ).

Whatsapp was acquired by Facebook for around 19 Billion $, since its user base was growing like wild fire enough to intimidate social media giant, Facebook. Both have become the favourite place for Social Media Marketing.

Let us see some statistics first that can explain how successful it is.

Android App install : 1,000,000,000 – 5,000,000,000

Android App rank : More than 4 star, by total reviews from  55,279,383


Let us dig in details why this is the most successful and widely used product till date.

  1. FREE use :

Application is free to use. That evoked every person to try and play with it. But free alone is never a long lasting advantage for any product. There are lot of other applications in communication category that are free, but this app is outstanding in many ways.

2. Easy to Adopt:


Right from download to verification and setup, everything is done so smoothly that user never thinks of losing interest in the app.

It is hard to make simple product. Complexity can be easily created, but simplicity is not easy to weave in your product. But whatsapp insanely simple to use.
3. Work on Low internet speed

I remember those days of 2G internet speed, terrible. But I also remember how it was easy to use whatsapp during those days also. All the other apps were hard to adopt due to low interenet speed, except Whatsapp.

4. No special skill required to use

When you have simple app in your device in hand, and everything you can simply do from that 3-6 inch screen, that makes an amazing experience. Have you experienced some software that are hard to use, need some special skill to use, some special extension / codec to download etc ? That is not the case with whatsapp. You dont have to learn anything hard, to adopt whatsapp.

5. Literacy / English writing is not a barrier

Many apps are used by only educated people, since they require good command on English language. Imagine use of Twitter. It is difficult for uneducated person to use it, since the environment and audience on twitter are different.

6. No distraction from ads

Do you remember any app  that does not show you Ads, ask for in-app purchases or any other mode of asking money? NO. All the apps irritate you by showing Ads. Whatsapp founder was very determinant that Ads will not be shown, and they kept it free from Ad.

7. Continuous Updates and improvements 


Any product can not survive for longer, it is does not upgrade or improve or add something new periodically. And that is the reason why every software or app require frequent updates. Whatsapp identified user taste accurately, included new features that kept the users engaged and excited.


With more than 1 billion downloads in a category like social media / communication, whatsapp became a real threat to Facebook. Facebook acquired it for Billions. Now Facebook will come out with some plan to monetise this worldwide dominating app.

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