Entrepreneurs are different breed. But I believe they tackle some of the worst emotions of life. And eventually they get the real satisfaction and pleasure. As an entrepreneur, I really admire each and every person chasing his / her dream. Here I am showing some moments from Bollywood movies that can lighten your day, and make you feel good as an entrepreneur.

  1. Dangal – (Amir Khan)


Entreprenurship is not an easy thing to do. And when you have to sail in unknown water, there are many uncertainties. And this raises many fear in our mind. There will be many things down the line that you do not know about, the outcome of your venture might be ambiguous at first. But do dive into this amazing journey called entrepreneurship, Fuck your Fears. Let them stay at shore, before you start sailing.

2. Aurangzeb – ( Arjun Kapoor )


Obviously it takes lot of courage to become an entrepreneur, if it would been easy, many people would have done it. But there are more employees than Entrepreneurs. Because most of the people can not overcome the fear they have.

3. & 4. Rocket Singh -(RANBEER KAPOOR)

Jab khoon pasina ek saath kagaz par chapta hai na ... table bed ban jaati hai aur office ghar ... bhook pyas bhool jaati hai ... baal bachche rul jaate hai ... tab jaake saali company ba

And this is what it takes to build and run a company. You forget everything but your company. This becomes an inseparable part of your life. You will forget the difference between home and office.


Obviously it is a big risk, but risk worth taking. Biggest risk in life is not taking any risk. Earlier you take the risk, it would be better for you. But yes, never forget to calculate risk against rewards.


5. MANJHI -(Nawazzudin)


Either you make product or services, you have to sell them. It is all about convincing customers to like, buy and recommend your product or services. So never believe in the notion that, You make and they will come to buy. GO SELL IT.

6. Dangal – (Amir Khan)


Entrepreneurs work hard, but they should be smart enough also. Hard work alone is never enough to achieve big goals. Smartness can reduce your lot of efforts, time and cost. It can help you achieve with less resources, a typical startup scenario. You must be in a continuous learning mode, to beat the challenges coming your way.

7. & 8. Badmash Company -(Shahid kapoor)


Always believe in your idea. Money is required for any business, but never stop innovating and improving your products and services. 8

BHAG, big hairy audacious goals. This is what all successful millionaires and billionaires thought for their businesses. And they followed their dreams with passion, perseverance and faith.

9. Iqbaal – (Naseeruddin)


Business is like a child to an entrepreneur. Giving birth to an idea, and making idea work successfully as a business, is not less than raising a child. So entrepreneurs should be smart enough, but also should be attached to their idea emotionally.

10. Yes Boss -(Juhi Chawla)


2 strong people can change this equation. 1+1=2. They can make it 1+1>>>>2. So always select your partners, co-founders and associates carefully. If they are not good enough, they will spoil the show.

11. & 12. 3 Idiots

( Amir khan )


Entrepreneurship is multi-tasking. You should learn lot many skills. Then only you can execute your business plan well.

(Sharman Joshi)


Startup does not have a definite user manual, that guides step by step. It is a process of applying you thoughts, working on it, make some mistakes, learn from them, improve and succeed. Believe me, once you do it, there will be lot of self improvement.

13. & 14. Border ( Jackie Shroff )


Always respect others. You may meet people who are superior or inferior to you in terms of skills, knowledge, status or wealth. But remember that every person is uniquely capable in his / her own way.  You should also respect your competitors, because you would never be able to serve your market alone. Rivals help you stay on your toe, make you improve your products and services.

Competition brings best out of products and worst out of people.


Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail.

You should carefully plan your road-map about product or services. It is true that no startup is 100% predictable, but planning makes you prepare for upcoming chaos, and reduces the effects of uncertainty.

15. Teesri Manzil -(PREM NATH)


At last, believe in your dreams, no matter what people say. Improve your skills, immerse into your idea execution and succeed.


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