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7 questions to test your knowledge about internet and startups

Internet is a global phenomenon. The whole world spent significant time online daily. For some people, internet has become sweet addiction. You also would be using internet daily, you surf internet search engines , you spend time on social media… Continue Reading →

10 greatest startups that changed our lives forever

What is the ultimate purpose of startup? Please select your answer before going further. I hope you give right answer. Answer that is in line with philosophy of all the most powerful startups we are going to discuss in this… Continue Reading →

How Whatsapp became the most successful product in the world

Whatsapp, not to mention what it is. But need to go into some details, why whatsapp is WHATSAPP ( today’s most successful product in the world ). Whatsapp was acquired by Facebook for around 19 Billion $, since its user… Continue Reading →

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