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Every Entrepreneur will love these 14 quotes from Game of Thrones

We entrepreneurs love inspiration, and we get it from everywhere. Here are some inspiring quotes from Game of Thrones for all Entrepreneurs . I hope you are aware of this most influential and perhaps most costly TV series in the world,… Continue Reading →

What entrepreneurs can learn from Kapil Sharma

Kapil Sharma, a household name in India, and entrepreneurs can learn lot from him. Kapil sharma is no doubt an outstanding comedian, there is hardly anyone who can match his wittiness in comedy. I know he had been in serious… Continue Reading →

Only 10% people could answer this startup quiz right

  The world of startups is changing everyday. Every now and then we get updates ad news about new technology, new kind of gadgets and new kind of products and services. And behind all these are some restless entrepreneurs who… Continue Reading →

7 questions to test your knowledge about internet and startups

Internet is a global phenomenon. The whole world spent significant time online daily. For some people, internet has become sweet addiction. You also would be using internet daily, you surf internet search engines , you spend time on social media… Continue Reading →

10 greatest startups that changed our lives forever

What is the ultimate purpose of startup? Please select your answer before going further. I hope you give right answer. Answer that is in line with philosophy of all the most powerful startups we are going to discuss in this… Continue Reading →

What entrepreneurs must learn from Narendra Modi

image credit: Deccan Chronicle This man is one of the most spectacular person I have seen. Since he belongs to politics, let me clarify few things before we proceed. I am neither favouring nor opposing any political leader or party,… Continue Reading →

Kind of people a startup should never hire

Are you a startup founder? Great to know this. And we all must remember that startup is all about passion, enthusiasm and courage to push our limits. Ours, means all the team members of the startup, including founders and employees…. Continue Reading →

Every Entrepreneur would love these Bollywood quotes

Entrepreneurs are different breed. But I believe they tackle some of the worst emotions of life. And eventually they get the real satisfaction and pleasure. As an entrepreneur, I really admire each and every person chasing his / her dream…. Continue Reading →

Bahubali , the sensation all over the country. Millions of people wanted to decode the suspense created in first part. Bahubali is the most successful movie in the Indian history of entertainment. It is so carefully woven story that engaged… Continue Reading →

8 things to avoid for retaining good employees

Employees first, Customers Second. This are the words by one of the most iconic Entrepreneurs in the world, Sir Richard Branson. And it is true for any size of organization in the world, from startup to worldwide corporate giants. Good… Continue Reading →

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