Bahubali , the sensation all over the country. Millions of people wanted to decode the suspense created in first part. Bahubali is the most successful movie in the Indian history of entertainment. It is so carefully woven story that engaged people from first part to the second part. “Katappa ne bahubali ko kyu maara? Why kattappa killed Bahubali?” This was the most viral message of year 2016.

Entrepreneurs should learn a lot, and from all the things around themselves.Here is what I noticed some entrepreneurial lessons from this awesome movie.

1.Humility and Humbleness

Bhallaldev, the equivalent warrior to Bahubali was not able to get fan followers, and people hated him. On the other hand, Bahubali had some icing on the cake. Not only He is capable as a warrior and leader, but he is humble to his followers. He has sympathy for people’s problems, and get involves with them in solving them.
Bahubali deserved the throne more than Bhalaldev, but he is not offered throne. Instead Shivagami declares Bahubali as commander-in-chief. Still He accepted that with humility and humbleness, and respected the decision.

2. Have courage to fit all the screw when necessary

Bahubali is a great leader, but an even greater warrior. He has mastered the skills of war, also he has motivated people to be courageous and fight the evil.
Entrepreneurs should be able to solve problems, they should possess skills that are necessary to keep the needle going forward. Entrepreneurs should be inspiring to all his team members.

3.Think Out-Of-The-Box Strategies

Do you remember few of the tactics used by Bahubali in part 1 & 2? That giant curtain used to throw in war field, use of cattle as protection or use of those flexible long trees to get into castle (though bit funny )etc. This is a quality of a leader that can beat other giant players.


Lets take a real life example:

Coca-cola is a giant company in Soft drink market, when Sir Richard Branson thought of launching Virgin Cola in USA, he did not use gigantic marketing budget to get the buzz, instead He used out of the box technique to get media attention. He drove the Tank, and collided with the biggest hoarding of Coca-cola. Boom Boom. The place was times square, New York, the busiest street in America. This instantly got attention from national media and Virgin cola was in all news channels on same day. AWESOME.
Large companies cant do this. They have Status Quo.

Know the secrets of world’s most successful soft drink brand Coca-Cola


Let us get back to our main discussion about Bahubali.

4.Think Before Making Promise

Can you imagine a single moment that created lot of drama and problems in Bahubali-2 story? One single ( obviously wrong ) commitment from Shivagami. She thought she can win Devsena by forcing her to marry Bhallaldev. In startup remeber one thing, people dont cooperate by force, they need a strong motivating reason to do something.

5. Embrace strength, not weakness

Bahubali-2 had a character called Kumar Varma. He was capable of being a good swordsman, but was in self doubt. Amarendra Bahubali motivated him a lot, asked him to challenge his own fears. Ultimately Kumr overcame his fears, and became a good warrior.

Intense challenges with no escape option, makes people stronger.

6. Know the problems to solve

Before the coronation, Shivagami ordered Amarendra Baahubali to tour the kingdom and know the state of people closely. When Amarendra Bahubali got banished from the palace as a royal family member, he helped people in their regular work and came up with innovative solutions to solve people’s day-to-day problems.

To better serve people, a leader / king must know the problems of people well. And to know their problems,leader should interact with them closely. By staying away in office and estimating problems is not a right way.

Similarly, Entrepreneurs must know customers well. Periodic interactions and feedback from customers can help a lot. This way you get deep, real insights into problems, and you can find better solutions.

Here by people I mean customers, employees, partners and other associates. Real leader knows the problems from outside and inside his kingdom, and deals with them effectively.

7. Correct your mistakes

To run a company is not an easy task, it is same like running a kingdom. And it is very challenging and tough. Even the greatest leaders in history made mistakes, big mistakes.

Shivagami made one big mistake, by believing in what Bhallaldev said to her. Then she gave Kattappa orders to kill Amarendra Bahubali. Afterwords, when she realised the mistake when reality informed by Kattappa, Shivagami corrected it. She declared the newborn child Mahendra Bahubali the next heir for throne.

As an entrepreneur you can make many mistakes, but you should be willing to correct it as soon as possible. And if possible, learn from other people’s mistake.. Because Life is too short to learn by making all mistakes ourselves.

8. Communicate Carefully And Avoid Communication Gaps

Kattappa knew that Bijaladev and Bhallaldev were making conspiracy to kill Shivagami. But he did not communicate this thing to the right person. This gap of communication and information helped the conspirators achieve their goals. Shivagami could not sense the manipulations and ended killing his own beloved Amarendra Bahubali.

Entrepreneurs should create a culture of openness in the company. Any person should be able to communicate their views and opinions with management ( especially information that can harm company or something related to company )

9. Emotions should not affect decision

When Shivagami believes that Bhallaldev has life threat from Bahubali, he got emotional. Her deep emotions became so dominant over her mind, that she took a horrible decision to kill Amarendra Bahubali.

Entrepreneurs should take the advice from other people, when feeling emotional. Do not make mistake in decision making, just because you can not control your emotions.

Hey friends, if you have anything in mind that I missed to mention, please share your EXPERT COMMENTS. 

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