Employees first, Customers Second. This are the words by one of the most iconic Entrepreneurs in the world, Sir Richard Branson. And it is true for any size of organization in the world, from startup to worldwide corporate giants. Good employees are the greatest force that keep the company going forward, in good and bad times. And if a company wants to run for longer time, these are the people who need to be taken care of.

So, it is very crucial to keep good employees stay for long in your company. But never forget, they have their choices for work and company, and you should be top on their list to work. So, how will you keep the people attached to you company for long. Ensure the security of your company’s future with following things in mind.

  1. Be a progressive company:

Whenever company gets stagnant, employees lose their excitement to work. Working for 8 hours doing same things again and again has a dead end, unless you pour some excitement. So your company should be doing something new, either upgrading product or expanding to new territory or some surprise parties or some other new things. Good employees come to office, and go home with satisfaction of doing something great. Keep that greatness going, and you will hardly lose any good talent.

2. Have a definite direction

Imagine you are asked to roam in an unknown city, without any guide / map / direction / any information about what to do, where to go etc. I am sure you will be frustrated soon. Same thing happens when employees don’t find a definite vision and direction of the company. When they don’t see the pieces joining together, they lose faith. Communicate your vision, targets and plans with good employees, and share every small and big achievement with them. This ignites their passion.

3. Give credit

Remember one thing, no company is great because of just founder or investors. Dedicated employees who pour their passion in execution of the big plans are credit worthy. And no one likes to be sidelined after the work is done. SO always give credit to those who are worthy of it..

4. Let them speak

Some companies have monarchy and some have too much hierarchy.  Both are bad. Obviously there should be discipline, but no employee should feel fear to talk about what’s going wrong or right. Remember, idea is no one’s monopoly. SO it can come from anyone in  the company. When people cant share their ideas and feel like they are contributing, they can not keep their interest in the company for longer time.

5. Build trust

Every company has its own values and morals. You must communicate these values with employees, and ask them to stick to values. Never forget that one ho does not follow values, can not ask others to do the same. So be a doer, do it yourself also.

6. Trust them

Whenever a good person’s honesty / dedication is questioned in a wrong way, it creates a lasting bad impression. Off course there should be protocols and discipline, but I have seen many companies treating their employees as they are thieves. Company does not even trust employees for silly things. In fact, by trusting employees moral and capabilities, you can achieve better productivity.

7. Profit over people

When a company values its bottom line more than its people, the best people go elsewhere, leaving behind some mediocre or apathetic people that can not find a better position. Finally the culture of underperformance and low morale prevails. Of course, things like profit, output, pleasing stakeholders, and productivity are important, but people running the machine called company should never be forgotten.

8. Long stretched work hours

What is the meaning of the overwork? What can be the reasons for that? a) people are not performing well b) company has unrealistic expectation c) lot of mess in operations d) Expectation of getting more from people e) More work on shoulders of few people.

Whatever the reason may be, you have to deal with it. Long stretched work hours that compromise employee’s personal life are not good for company also. Let them balance work and personal life, and they will perform well.

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