What do you call an innovation? Everyone has different definitions, some say new idea, some say new process OR new technology etc. But there should be one thing that makes real innovation, and that is MASS APPEAL. If a new product, technology, service or process does not affect the significant mass of people, it is not innovation.


Let us discuss this way, imagine the invention of Smart phone. This single thing changed the way people communicated. Before smart phone, people were using dial phone and other simple phones. Smart phone just changed everything we did with phone. Simple communication was converted into multimedia sharing, chat, email and lot of other activities. It affected billions of people, that is real innovation.

Let us jump to some new innovations happening around the world, that can change our life.

  1. Road made from recycled plastic. ( Plastic Road )

Our earth is taking too much load of plastic, that almost immortal thing that is harmful to environment. Imagine if we can convert that plastic into roads all over the world. This will solve a big problem in a Eco-friendly way.


2. Self healing Bio-concrete

Everyday we see ear and tear happening in home and on roads that used concrete. Concrete gets destructed and need repair. And this repair costs billions of dollars all over the world. Imagine if we can have self healing concrete. OHHH. we can save a lot of cost.


3. Gel that stops bleeding in seconds ( Vetigel )

More than 2.5 lakh people die in India every year due to road traffic accidents. And the major cause of death is Haemorrhage ( Blood Loss ). Imagine the number of people ho die this way all over the world, it would be in millions. If we have a gel that once injected can stop bleeding in few seconds, we can save millions lives.

4. Personal Jet / Family Jet ( The Lilium Jet )

Traffic is the problem all over the world, and bigger the city, bigger the problem. Transportation cost lot of fuel also. Imagine a private low cost Jet that can adopt 5 people, and can fly cost-effectively. This would solve traffic and fuel problem to a great extent. Now dont walk or run , FLY.

5. Converting waste into Water & electricity ( Janicki Omniprocessor )

This is weird, but awesome. I could not imagine this. But it is true. More than 2 billion people do not have access to pure drinking water. Janicki converts human waste (YES, human sewage ) into pure drinking water and electricity.


6. Eco Blac Bricks

This converts industrial waste into Bricks to make houses. This is really incredible for countries like India, this can control the pollution also. That can be beneficial over traditional methods of making bricks and burning lot of fuels.


Hey friends, I would like to know from you if you have came across some other interesting innovations from around the world. Your COMMENTS are welcome

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