The world of startups is changing everyday. Every now and then we get updates ad news about new technology, new kind of gadgets and new kind of products and services. And behind all these are some restless entrepreneurs who want to make the mark in the world. If you are also a passionate entrepreneur, I hope you would also appreciate all these things happening in the world.

Entrepreneurs often get themselves updated by reading news and updates online and offline. And it is better to know about whats happening in the industry. Entrepreneurs can get some learning lessons from other startups.


I hope you keep yourself aware of all the great things happening around you. Let us check few of the facts about startups and tech world. This delighting startup quiz has something to add to your current knowledge. Take your time, answer all the questions, and finally see the results. If you get all the right answers, BRAVO.

I hope you got all the answers right. If you got some wrong, that’s fine. You can share this quiz to other fellow entrepreneurs, and I am sure they would love this. After all, We all learn from each other.

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Please share with me your comments about how you feel doing startup quiz, and what else you like.

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