What is the ultimate purpose of startup? Please select your answer before going further. I hope you give right answer. Answer that is in line with philosophy of all the most powerful startups we are going to discuss in this post.


Now you have selected your answer, lets see if your answer is same like these most successful startups in the world.

  1. APPLE

I am sure you are also fascinated with this name. Millions of people take proud in using products of Apple. Most spectacular products from Apple are ipod, iphone and ipad. None of its competitors ( Samsung ) could provide such an awesome experience of using smartphone and tablets.

Apple is now world’s most valuable brand.It has cash reserves of more than 200 Billion $. Unbelievable.



This is one of the most exciting Startup story ever. This is Google Story

Everyone is aware about this name, even if he / she is in China (where it is banned ). Using internet starts with Google. It is so successful that even English Dictionary has added word Google as a new word. It started with a easy to use, powerful and accurate search results. Then expanded its product portfolio to gmail, google drive, google photos, google docs, Google sheets, Calendar etc. It has now become a complete Business suite to use. Everyone working on internet can fulfill all his / her requirements.

Some other ventures of Google include Google Glass, Google Driver-less Car, Google mobiles. Google is believed to be the best place to work in tech industry. See How Google Works

3) Microsoft

Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft has been the Richest Man of the world for 11 consecutive years. WOWW. Think of his wealth. And think how he became wealthy, due to Microsoft only. Microsoft still holds the largest market share in PC operating systems, that is more than 80%. Microsoft forever changed the how PCs work, and how people can do work and enjoy in a single machine.

Microsoft Office is the flagship product. Microsoft bought many great startups, some of them are hotmail , Linkedin and Nokia.


Almost every shopper in the world has heard this Name, Amazon .

And as its log suggest, it is a place to buy A to Z things we need in our life. It started with selling books and then entered into new categories like music, electronics, apparels, Beauty, Sports, BabyCare and others. Amazon is considered to be one of the three companies in the world that could be valued someday at 1 TRILLION DOLLARS. (other two are Apple and google )




This made a social revolution in the world, it changed the way people stay in touch. Before internet communication was not such easy, people used phones and telegraphs. Mark Zuckerberg introduced Facebook and changed the way we know people, things, events, places and everything. The world has become smaller. We now know what our friends do, where they are, what they like / dislike and what’s happening in their life.

Know the whole story of Facebook .



Ebay is one of the world biggest buyers sellers platform. People can buy new / old stuff from ebay sellers. For years ebay has provided people an amazing platform to offer their products. It facilitates consumer to consumer selling that is unique about ebay. It also helps businesses to sell products to consumers.


With more than 500 millions users, Linkedin is no doubt an leader in professional network online. It has become an ocean of professional people to find opportunities. Recruiters worldwide scan the talents they need through linkedin.

Recently Linked was bought by Microsoft for around 26 Billion $. Know Linkedin Better , and open the gates of opportunity and success in professional life.


Twitter is one of the most recognisable brands in the world. It symbolic LOGO of just a Tweeter Bird is recognized without any effort. For companies, brands and celebrities: twitter has become the MIKE to broadcast the message, have followers and do interactions with people.

You will find each and every celebrity, politicians and brand on Twitter. Read Story Of Twitter

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This file sharing startup grew from few thousand users to millions of users in a matter of months. This really revolutionised the way people were sharing important files and data. This made it secure and convenient.
10) WhatsApp
Name is Enough. Isn’t it? Many companies have some dominant geographically user base. Whatsapp put everything aside, and became the fastest growing App in the world. It utilised internet to make communication fun and easy. It helps to communicate instantly with friends. People now share photos, videos, files, GIFs, contacts from their smartphones in a matter of seconds.
Once denied job at Facebook, Founder Brian Acton really scared Facebook with millions of users growing like wildfire.
All these legendary startups and founders had one philosophy common, TO IMPROVE LIVES OF PEOPLE.
These are the top 10 greatest startups that changed our life, and if you have any other names in mind, Please drop a comment.
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